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someday is not a day of the week

We’ve all wished for Someday to get here, and now it is. Follow the tale of the young beaver, Max, and his quest to spend quality time with his parents and family. The tale for the ages and ageless will bring a happy tear of joy and love and a smile to the face of every child who undoubtedly heard the answer “Someday” after having asked “When?” An inspiring read for all of us, Someday finds Max looking for “Someday” on his calendar and realizing if it did exist, it would surely be the busiest day of the week. Don’t pass on the chance to share this tale of love, and the importance of making room on our calendars for the things that matter most.
“If we could only have one more day of the week, would that make us more conscious of the opportunities missed? This beautifully illustrated book is a needed reminder of what we all know is important but, sadly, may sometimes forget.” – Lois Proctor, The Bookseller
2008 NYSRA Suggested Reading List: Primary & Intermediate, short-listed
2006 Foreword Children's Picture Book of the Year Finalist, Runner-up
2006 Writer's Notes Book Award Notable, Commended
2006 Children's Crown Gallery Award Nominee - Children's Choice Award, Runner-up
2006 Mockingbird Reading List, Finalist
2006 Children's Choices (IRA/CBC), Winner
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