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Willow and the snow day dance

Mr. Larch is not a very neighborly neighbor. He never has any visitors. His gray, gloomy house never has any decorations. He avoids everyone and everyone avoids him.

But now Mr. Larch has a new neighbor. Willow and her family have moved into the bright yellow house directly across the street.

Willow loves her new house and neighborhood. She loves the summer and planting her garden. She loves the fall and sharing vegetables with her neighbors. And when winter arrives, she loves that, too. She can’t wait for the first snowfall because she has found the perfect hill for sledding. And it’s right behind Mr. Larch’s house. Can Willow melt his cold heart in time to enjoy a snow day?


“Kids will find inspiration in their own power to make changes after reading about the resilient Willow.” – School Library Journal

"In this feel-good follow-up to Willow (2008), the vivacious girl moves into a new neighborhood, across the street from an unsmiling loner. Mr. Larch only communicates through signs he posts in winter "that made it clear to the neighborhood kids there would be no sledding on his hill." Brimming with details, Moore's cheerful pictures capture Willow's outsize personality as, with Pollyanna-like enthusiasm, she launches projects that bring the neighborhood together." - Publishers Weekly

"When exuberant Willow moves to a new house, she turns her new neighborhood, even crabby old Mr. Larch, into an active community of friends.  Never afraid to ask for help, Willow sends out requests for donations for her garden and art projects, and later trades her produce and projects for charity donations.  However, when she sends out a request asking for help getting some snow, she is in for a big, happy surprise.  Willow’s life is a celebration philosophy is contagious in this joyful book." – Ellen, (Blog)


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