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Virtual visits are great for classrooms, libraries, book clubs, and more. These presentations are generally based around a Q&A session and are ideal for students learning how to formulate strong questions. The Q&A can focus on one or more of my books, the process of getting published, what to do with an idea, my writer’s journey, etc.

These sessions work best with a classroom-sized group of around 30, so all students can be seen and heard.

For additional information about Skype visits, including honorarium and available dates, please contact me here.


“Once again, bravo! The impact your visit made on my classroom is priceless. I wish you could have been a little bee on the wall listening to my students share information from their new mentor author; importance of practice, getting ideas from life, using your imagination, just to name a few. Thank you! We are on the edge of our seats waiting for your books!” – Heather Nyman, Linden Elementary School

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