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My Grandma likes to say

Following in the footsteps of My Momma Likes to Say comes the charming My Grandma Likes to Say. Thousands of proverbs and idioms can be found in the English language. Derived from many different sources, these expressions are a wonderful link to history and culture and can be an instructive tool in language education
“Idioms are a tricky business for children, and this story is a useful way to introduce those literal little people in our lives to them. Told in rhyme, the story juxtaposes a child’s literal interpretation of several idioms, proverbs, and clichés with factual information on what each idiom actually means . . . the book will have a place in classrooms as an introduction to sayings of all kinds. The artwork is nicely rendered with endpapers that surely exist as wallpaper in all of our Grandma’s homes.”
“Original paintings conceived from a child’s point of view provide a hilarious visual interpretation of those sayings oft-quoted by the ‘senior’ members of our families.” – Joan Kindig, Ph.D., Children’s Literature Reviewer
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