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Grady the Goose

From the moment she hatches from her egg, Grady has to do things her way, often ignoring her parents’ rule of “stick together.” But when she lags behind as the rest of her family leaves for warmer climes, Grady learns the hard way that one is the loneliest number, especially for a young goose. A chance encounter with a helpful farmer soon sets things right, and a happy ending is in store for Grady and her family.

An informative section on geese facts adds a wonderful wildlife component perfect for family or classroom use.


“Deftly written by Denise Brennan-Nelson and expertly illustrated by award-winning wildlife artist Michael Glenn Monroe, Grady the Goose is a wonderfully entertaining picturebook.” – Children’s Bookwatch


“Grady is the last of 12 eggs to be hatched, and the most worrisome: she likes to wander off . . . Unfortunately, Grady is not among her flock when they fly south. Left alone, she’s chased by a wolf and must fly solo through the night. Without support, she quickly tires and tumbles from the sky and becomes ensnared in barbed-wire fencing. She’s rescued by a kind farmer who drives her to a nearby field where, lo and behold, her family is found . . . Due to the messy tuft of feathers on top of Grady’s head, young readers can identify and cheer for her safety and success. A final page gives further facts about the migration of Canada Geese, again stressing their ability to work together as a unit.” – School Library Journal

“ . . . The beautiful double-paged nature illustrations capture the drama and emotion of this tender tale. An addendum of geese facts is included. A great read aloud. Also works well for independent reading. A nice resource for a class learning about geese or studying the different seasons.”  – Children’s Literature

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