Denise Brennan-Nelson


Willow by Denise Brennan-NelsonMiss Hawthorn’s room is neat and tidy, not a pencil or paintbrush is out of place. And that’s how she likes it. And she likes trees that are colored green and apples that are painted red. Miss Hawthorn does not like things to be different or out of the ordinary. Into Miss Hawthorn’s classroom comes young Willow. She doesn’t color inside the lines, she breaks crayons, and she sees pink trees and blue apples. What will Miss Hawthorn think? Magical things can happen when your imagination is allowed to run wild, and for Miss Hawthorn the notion of what is art and what is possible is forever changed.






“Teachers aren’t the only ones teaching in this picture book about a precocious girl who has her own ideas about what makes good art. Fortunately, Willow doesn’t bend to the strict art teacher’s rules in this poignant story about celebrating individuality and being true to your heart.”
Kansas City Star, Aug. 16, 2008



2009-2010 Kids’ Wings Award List – By Kids’ Wings Creative Educational Associates (
2008 National Parenting Publication Honor Award (NAPPA) 08
2009 Storytelling World Honor Award – Young Listeners category 08
2009 Mom’s Choice Award Children’s Picture Book – Inspirational/Motivational – Gold 08
2009 Mom’s Choice Award Distinctive Illustration – Gold 09
2009 Mom’s Choice Award Most Outstanding Children’s Book for 2009 09
2009 Kansas State Reading Circle selection for the 2009 Catalog in the intermediate school division. 08
2009 Children’s Choice Book Award Finalist, Grades 3 – 4 (IRA/CBC – voting concludes at the end of April 2009) 09
2009 IRA/CBC Children’s Choice Reading List 09

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