Denise Brennan-Nelson

A Sampling of Presentations
to delight and inspire

Do you Bee-lieve?
Scientific studies suggest that the small wings and large bodies of bumble bees should make it impossible for them to fly.  Luckily, bumble bees don’t know this!  Revisit and rekindle your passion and enthusiasm for your profession in a thought provoking, inspirational presentation that will remind us what can happen when we bee-lieve.

Someday Is Not a Day of the Week
Are you too busy?  Do you find yourself saying “Someday I’ll…” too often?  Would you like an eighth day of the week? Take time to smell the roses and reflect on the most important aspects of your life.  Denise will share her books, including Someday Is Not a Day of the Week, and remind us how to make room on our calendars for the things that matter most.

Cultivating Creativity
Sometimes the business of life can get in the way of living artfully.  But finding time in our crowded schedules to connect, create, dream, stretch and play is essential for personal as well as professional growth.  “Climb out of the box” and explore ways to unleash your creativity and find your inner artist.

Denise Brennan-Nelson

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once
grown up.” 
           – Pablo Picasso

A Conversation with Denise
*Great for Skype
Denise enjoys sharing the many interesting aspects of being an author; her journey, the stories behind her stories, and her knowledge of the children’s book world, as well as encouraging others to pursue their dreams.  Followed by an informal Q&A.

Making Deposits:  Morale Bank Account
Is your enthusiasm waning?  Is your morale bank account precariously low? This workshop will provide ideas and inspiration to ensure that we have a reserve of positive feelings, attitudes, and experiences to draw from so that our morale bank accounts don’t get too low.

Be the V
The sights and sounds of Canada geese migrating in V formation offer a dramatic display of teamwork and an opportunity to learn from nature.  In this inspirational presentation, Denise will share her children’s picture book Grady the Goose to remind us what can be accomplished when we work together and fully believe in what we do.

What Writers Do: It Isn’t a Secret
Explore and reflect on the gift of writing.  Denise will discuss the seven significant skills that all writers strive for and give you a variety of creative writing ideas and lessons that you can take directly into your classroom.

Creating a Vision Journal
Do you have a dream, an idea, or a vision scratching at your door?  You can see it through the peep hole but you’re afraid to let it in? Attend a workshop that will encourage you to unlock the door.  Spend time reflecting on your dreams and passions and asking the questions:  What’s the wish?  What’s the way?  What’s in the way? Supplies will be on hand to begin your very own vision journal.  And that dream that’s been sitting on your doorstep? Well, it may just find a home!


Please contact Denise if you are interested in having her speak at your school, library, conference, teacher in-service, or business.

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