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A Teaching Blog by Julie Marciniak

“Brennan-Nelson’s skills as a motivational speaker – which is her “other” job outside of children’s book author – is evident in her gifted presentations. When she discusses her “My Momma Likes to Say” book about idioms she discusses writing in a way that makes everyone in the audience believe that they can write. If she talks about her book “Someday is Not a Day of the Week,” she reminds you that you should never take the present for granted. And if you catch her talking about “Willow” you begin to believe that in each of us lays an artist even if you can’t color within the lines. And this is her gift – you believe in her uplifting message that is contained in all of her work.” -Jennifer Habrych, Social Media/ Marketing Committee, Claire’s Day, Inc.

“One of my favorite children’s authors. I’m thankful for the lecture you gave, and that I was there to hear it. You have me a whole new perspective on life – one that will lead to a happier me. . .” – Joanna – Life and Times of Jo (Blog)

“Having Denise Brennan-Nelson at our school was more than we could have hoped for. The staff and the children cannot say enough about how fabulous she was . . . It was a pleasure to spend the day with her and see her passion for writing. I am sure she inspired many of the children to “reach for the stars.” Again, thank you for sending her to us. She will always have a special place in our hearts in Poland, OH.” -Lynne Stoll

“I so enjoyed your presentation last Saturday at the MSU Center in Troy. You were dynamic, passionate, uplifting, and enlightening. You truly are a gifted speaker who made my day.” –Charlene Goshgarian

“Once again, bravo! The impact your visit made on my classroom is priceless. I wish you could have been a little bee on the wall listening to my students share information from their new mentor author; importance of practice, getting ideas from life, using your imagination…just to name a few. Thank you! We are on the edge of our seats waiting for your books!” – Heather Nyman, Linden Elementary School

“Since the visit, my daughter has created her own bee book . . . and my son is becoming more imaginative in his writing pieces. Brennan-Nelson was very entertaining and conveyed many important messages, in a fun way, to the children.” – Mrs. Kopitke, parent

“Wow! What a great time we had with Denise Brennan-Nelson! She gave two wonderful presentations, each tailored to the audience. I’m so glad to have discovered a new author we love! She was very affirming on topics like inspiration, imagination, and individuality that don’t really get a lot of play in a reading context…and she has really cool props! Her grandmother’s journal looks beautiful. It really brings home what she means when she tells the kids to keep a journal.” – Stair Public Library librarian

“Thank you so much for such a great assembly! Our second graders LOVED your presentation! Thank you for being so personable, and for the time that you took to sign books and posters. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into your presentation. We truly enjoyed it!” – Chris Wiegert

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