Denise Brennan-Nelson


Fact or Fiction?

  • Denise has two daughters, Rebecca and Rachel  (Becca Boo and Rachie Girl)
  • She enjoys singing but her only loyal fan is the family dog, Bella
  • Denise has 6 sisters and one very lucky brother
  • She grew up with dogs and cats, chickens, geese, 2 sheep and a huge garden
  • Denise married her high school sweetheart, Bob
  • Vacuuming “calms” her
  • Denise keeps a journal of things she is thankful for
  • In 2010, her book Willow made Oprah’s Kids’ Book Club List
  • She moves her furniture around as often as some people change their underwear
  • She enjoys the sounds of rain, her kids laughing, the wind, crackling fire, her husband snoring . . . not really but when it’s driving her crazy she tells herself, “I might miss this someday.”
  • She has competed (and completed!) in two sprint triathlons
  • Other than writing, Denise would like to be a detective, reporter, psychologist, photographer
  • She gets some of her best ideas in the bathroom so she keeps paper and pen handy
  • Some people refer to Denise as the “Queen Bee” (In her dreams)
  • Denise’s first book, Buzzy the bumblebee, has been published in German

Denise Brennan-Nelson“Bee-lieve” it or not, they’re all true.

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